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A rant.

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I'm really fed up. Nothing new there, right? Well, I promise next time I write in here it will be with something good, maybe even ficcage. Or even original ficcage, if I can be arsed. Not this time though. This time's for the ranting. The huge, huge ranting. If you're even still with me at the end of this, I'm impressed. It's been, I think, one of "those" days.

RIGHT, OK. Let's begin. Things that are pissing me off/worrying me:

1) Young Enterprise. Spear itself. ARGH. The less said about this one, the better. Basically, we're running a company. I'm deputy managing director, which basically means I'm official scapegoat...Nah, that's not really fair, our managing director, Katy, is great and she's doing a brilliant job, I'm just pissed off with the whole thing. We're running a battle of the bands this week, and the first night (which I was presenting) went hideously, hideously wrong, right? Like, about twenty people (I exaggerate not) turned up. Now, I should add, I didn't know I was presenting it until about ten minutes before I had to. I had no idea what to do/say, so I just got the audience to scream a bit, introduced the bands and buggered off.

This was all very well. But then I was in charge of the audience vote (ie scream for this band, scream for t'other band, whoever's loudest, not particularly complex). And that's when it all went tits-up. See, one of the bands was good, the other one was shite. I know both of them, although I know the shite one better, but we'd all but told the good band that they'd won. Anyway, we go out (well, I go out) onto the stage, hold up the mic, y'know..."if you want Radical Posture (no I'm not kidding, they did call themselves that) to win, then SCREAM!" and so on.

And the shite band won.

Seriously. It wasn't even CLOSE. I was gobsmacked.

Anyway, that was the end of it, or so I thought. I apologised profusely to Radical Posture (lol), who I think now hate me. Oh well, I only liked one of them anyway...But I thought, y'know, we'll be reet, it's how it was, there wasn't anything I could do.

Only then, our 'Business Adviser' (a complete twat by the name of Zahid, whose idea of how to run a successful business apparently involves throwing a strop and storming out, leaving all the TAKINGS ON THE BLOODY WINDOWSILL...) collared me the next morning and basically gave me a bollocking for letting the shite band win! Um, it was NOTHING to do with me! ARSEHOLE!

Also. Not even CLOSE to finishing (I cut this for a reason) the other thing that annoyed me is the fact that CERTAIN PEOPLE *cough* Emma *cough* did not help AT ALL. Basically, we had to clear the hall of chairs before using it, and then put them all back afterwards. We're talking 300+ chairs here, which, let me tell you, is a LOT. So we roped as many people as we possibly could into helping, including an audience member (hot Matt...bless him and his hot arse) and pretty much all the winning band (some of whom are also rather hot). But whilst we were doing this (and it was a seriously unpleasant job - I have bruises the size of small countries on my forearms), where were *certain* members of the team? Standing about, that's where they were! I asked them...OK, HER, to help, and got a FLAT REFUSAL! I really could've slapped fuck out of her...God...and then she just left! It was like "Um, yeah, thanks for that...BITCH!"

OK, that's YE pretty much covered, now...

2) Work. I work at Kumon Maths, which is, if you haven't heard of it, this worldwide chain of extra-curricular maths classes. And it's a reasonably good job (crap hours, but the pay's alright). But the thing is that one of the girls there - no, TWO of the girls there - hate me and my friend, who started at the same time as me. The thing is that I know WHY they hate us, and it's so fucking pathetic I can't even believe it. Basically, this girl, Danielle, has a boyfriend who bears a terrible resemblance to Kurt Cobain. Which, last year, we found REALLY FUCKING HILARIOUS. Every time he walked past. Which he did daily, pretty much.

Anyway, frankly, I can see how this could get sort of tiresome, but he completely overreacted and apparently was shit scared of us and our bullying nature...this was RIDICULOUS. I mean REALLY...we're not that bad! I don't see how a Nirvana fan (which he was) can take being compared to Kurt Cobain as an insult, frankly. I don't see how ANYONE can be THAT offended, Kurt Cobain was quite attractive when he was alive...

So, yeah, to cut a long story short, Danielle hates me and Becca now, and she's just been bitching about us and trying to humiliate us ever since we started there, and it's getting more than a bit fucking tiresome. The annoying thing is that she's the 'senior assistant', basically meaning that while she's not our boss, she certainly holds a lot more sway than we do with the boss. And I actually LIKE my boss, and I don't want him to think I'm a lazy twat or I'm crap, because I'm not, and I know that's the sort of thing she's saying about us.


OK, the last one, and this one's a quickie, and comes more under the heading of things that are worrying me than things that piss me off.

3) I'm convinced I have an addictive personality. This is a bit silly as I'm not addicted to anything, but I am 99% sure that I'm going to end up addicted to something. Simply because I often wish I had some sort of vice that would help me feel better about things, some way of blocking out all the shit that happens to me. And I feel that this is probably not a good thing. I have other reasons, too, but I forgot them, and my head feels like someone ran over it repeatedly in a stretch Hummer, so I'm going to go lie down and try and kid myself that I feel good about everything.

Thank you for listening (if you did), and goodnight!

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On November 30th, 2006 12:20 am (UTC), ez_oz commented:
Thanks :-)
G'day! Ez from sharemusic here, just writing to thank you for sharing "Shoot the Runner" - it downloaded successfully, and you are an absolute gem! :-)

Have a lovely day! :-)
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On March 3rd, 2008 08:08 pm (UTC), cloudsandlashes commented:
Ok, I clicked johnnytwobands then I clicked trenina then I clicked this and OMG.
Well not so mind shattering, but I did Young Enterprise too!
Haha it was the complete and utter bane of my life last year...seriously, I could go on about the problems it caused for pages. It sounds pretty much like the same as yours in everyone refused to work and by the end we all hated each other...we made about two pounds each altogether, because our school is pisspoor and made us pay over three hundred quid in registration. And we had *two* bastards of business advisors...in fact no, one was quite nice, but the other was a patronising git.

And the word 'radical' makes me laugh...I remember when one of my friends used to say it in all seriousness, and never understood why we were snickering so much.

I'll stop talking now, as people get tired of me talking so much. Sorry. Feel free to ignore me and all that, haha.
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On March 3rd, 2008 09:59 pm (UTC), johnnytwobands replied:
Haha, Young Enterprise - good times! Well. Good times, if your idea of good times is, um, bad times.

You weren't in the North West regional final were you? (Actually, did we even get that far? I'm not sure we did). I know at the presentation evening, we were the only school that didn't win anything. There were twelve awards and twelve schools, and they gave one school two, haha!

Mind you, at least you made some money - we all lost a fiver each as 'shares', hahaha. When we came to add up the profit at the end it was actually literally zero, haha. What did your 'business' thing do?

And I agree that 'radical' is a funny word. *grins* To be fair, it was one of the worst band names I've ever heard. And you consider that they were the good band. Mind you, the shit band were called Genocide, so there you go...
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On March 5th, 2008 11:36 pm (UTC), cloudsandlashes replied:
Oh god I just wrote a load and LJ ATE IT. Thankfully I have a semi-photographic memory and can remember a lot of it.

Anyway. I don't think anyone understands the horrors of YE unless they took part in it. And all my friends are still too shell-shocked to talk about it.

Final? Finals? Mate we only just managed a non-animated, times new roman font in built headings black and white four-words-a-page presentation sans images (and some faked accounts, and an appalling 'report'). Which promptly broke on the night so me&Claire had to make a speech up on the spot. It was amazing, everyone laughed.

& same about the awards thing. Kinda. There were two other groups from our school, they both won awards and we didn't. However, there was excellent food on offer on the presentation night, so it was all worthwhile. Even if Becky did accidentally tell a coupla judges that we faked the accounts and planned on cheating (well. I think they were cheating us to be honest...) YE out of the 30 or so percent of our profits they wanted.

And we sold jewellery. Reyy inventive. I'm guessing you did the organising events thing? We were gonna offer a lunchtime hair straightening service, cause everyone nicks school electricity by bringing in their GHDs, but it didn't work out...

And you beat me on stupid band names; the worst I ever heard was "Red Fury" (or was it "Red Venom"), named so because the three band members were ginger. Lawlz.
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