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OK. Talk at the university this morning, for all new college students. Fair enough, you would think.

Now I have no idea where the uni is, and I KNOW I have a terrible sense of direction, so I set off early (well, early-ish) determined to meet my friend at the bus station so she can tell me where this place is.

I get to the bus station. No sign of her. I text her asking where she is. She replies that she's at the university (Well, she replies that shes '@ unvst' because her phone's fucked and only about half the keys work.

I beg for directions. She tells me "pst mrkt & lt til u c t" which is, you know, really not in any way helpful. So I ask some woman, who turns out not to speak English. Bloody brilliant.

Anyway, I wander 'pst mrkt & lt', looking for anything that could be this mysterious 't'. Nothing. Seriously. Nothing.

It's pissing it down and I lap the town about three times, getting leered at by various seedy-looking men (God, I love this town...*sigh*), til I finally see it, a sign pointing to the Uni up the road. I'm a bit fed up because I've walked past this street three times already, but never mind, I valiantly follow this sign. It appears to be leading me to Sainsbury's. Great.

Just as I'm about to give up, I see another sign, pointing to what resembles a block of flats. Surely, I think to myself, that can't be the University, can it?

Then I remember where I am. Yeah, it could be the university. I go closer to the building that resembles a block of flats.

It's a block of flats.

"RIGHT!" I go, angry now, scaring the middle-aged man with the pimp coat that's been staring at my tits for the past ten minutes. "RIGHT!" And I follow the sign, exactly. Through the block of flats.


I give up. Get on the bus and go home. Sigh.
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