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Why not get to know me a tad?

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Yeah, why not? Come in, make yourself at home, don't drip on the leather.

OK, these were meant to be random things. A few of them have turned into stuff that sounds like it could be on LJ-Secret. But they're not really secrets, or else, you know, I wouldn't tell you...

1)When I say pretentious things about how I couldn't live without writing, I'm never entirely sure if I mean it or not.

2)Part of me still believes that I could be the new Nick Kent/Julie Burchill and singlehandedly restore the NME to "its glory days".

3)I own the perfect outfit: it's hot, it's unusual, and it makes me look and feel great - but I will never wear it. Just in case I decide I feel bad in it.

4)I hate photographs of me because I always think I look condescending, stoned and ugly.

5)I always think that I'm thinner than I am, so my self-confidence gets a knock every time I look in the mirror.

6)When I say pretentious things about how I couldn't live without my friends, I mean it. Usually.

7)I am terrified of not being cool enough to do what I want to do.

8)I am more terrified of being too scared to even go for it.

9)Sometimes I think I would make a great chav.

10)I often think about my life as though it's a scene from a book, narrating my thoughts and so on. When I was little I used to do it in the third person.

11)I don't see the point of going onto MySpace or LJ and just adding all the people you know in real life. Why not just talk to them?!

12)I'm a complete MSN junkie, despite the fact that I absolutely despise MSN chat and there is not one person on my contacts list I really want to MSN-chat with. I'd far rather just phone them.

13)I write fanfiction. I wish it was original fiction.

14)I want to be famous because I'm addicted to having fans. And I don't have many, believe me.

15)All my friends think I'm going to end up a drug addict because I have a weird obsession with addiction. I never even thought about it until they said that. Now I think they could be right.

16)I will never forget spending a night on the streets in Edinburgh and meeting people who slept like that every night. I wish I could go back and give them money.

17)I have never learned to ride a bike.

18)Despite all my attempts to learn, I am fully aware that I will never, ever be able to play guitar.

19)I hate emos, possibly more than anything else, because we have a chance at life and they are pissing theirs down the drain. But I think they're gorgeous.

20)I wish I had some expertise wtih fashion design, because I have some great idea but no way of actually creating them.

21)I hate it when people have Che Guevara T-shirts and bags without any idea who he is. He's not a particular hero of mine, but surely you can't wear the merchandise (!) of a political revolutionary, and not have any idea what he stood for.

22)I sort of wish I was cool enough to be a scenester.

23)Despite being a music-lover, I have never been to a decent gig in my life, and there are very few bands I would be hugely bothered about seeing live. And one of those is the Libertines.

24)I want to go on a spending spree in Afflecks Palace.

25)Sometimes I stave off sleep as long as possible because I love the comatose pre-sleep state.

26)I think anyone who claims not to have any guilty pleasures is either a liar or in denial.

27)I really, really hate buttons. I will not buy anything with buttons on it, and when that song about buttons (I don't know what it's called) comes on in a shop I leave.

28)I am never attracted to anyone reasonably attainable. Seriously. I also have a thing for older guys. (Well, slightly older - we're talking mid-twenties, not geriatric).

29)I can't stand Sandi Thom. But the other day 'I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker' came on in TopShop (heh) and the whole shop started singing along and tapping their feet in rhythm, and I thought it was pretty amazing.

30)I can't think of thirty things to say about myself...

Alright, so there you go. Thirty things. Probably most of them are a bit crap, but meh. Anyway, you know about me, now tell me something about you! Anonymously, non-anonymously...it really doesn't matter. Just be nice, eh. At least a bit nice. Heh.
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On October 15th, 2008 09:30 pm (UTC), (Anonymous) commented:
You Made Me Larf
I like you already and I don't even know you :)
Add me!
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