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I'm really fed up. Nothing new there, right? Well, I promise next time I write in here it will be with something good, maybe even ficcage. Or even original ficcage, if I can be arsed. Not this time though. This time's for the ranting. The huge, huge ranting. If you're even still with me at the end of this, I'm impressed. It's been, I think, one of "those" days.

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I know I'm whinging again. But seriously. I left the house at seven this morning. I got back at half nine tonight. ARGH!!!

College, work, then BACK to bloody college again in order to serve plastic cups of juice for twenty five pence a time to all the snobby parents and their evil little fucker children who are going, in twelve months, to be spitting all over the school and being general nasty little shits...and, AND I'm down a fiver on the deal 'cause I had to put in a fiver as 'shares'. AND I still owe Lozzy £55. I'm getting paid £30 a week, it's going to be about four years until I have £55 to give her...urgh...

OK. I'm going to go to bed and calm down. Yes.

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I suddenly realised that I do nothing but complain in this journal. So I figured that I would, y'know, say I had a good day today. Which I did.

See, I only had one lesson today, but my aresehole of a form tutor said I had to stay in all day for a five-minute mentoring appointment this afternoon. Sigh. So I didn't think it would be a particularly good day. I was wrong.

Someone nicked the speakers from the IT department and plugged them in in the common room. iPods and mp3 players were brandished and we spent three hours annoying the rest of the school with P!ATD and The Libertines. And, of course, Spice Girls. Oh yes.

Oh yeah. Have decided I'm going to start writing again and start an actual fic journal. Yarrr.

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OK. Talk at the university this morning, for all new college students. Fair enough, you would think.

Now I have no idea where the uni is, and I KNOW I have a terrible sense of direction, so I set off early (well, early-ish) determined to meet my friend at the bus station so she can tell me where this place is.

I get to the bus station. No sign of her. I text her asking where she is. She replies that she's at the university (Well, she replies that shes '@ unvst' because her phone's fucked and only about half the keys work.

I beg for directions. She tells me "pst mrkt & lt til u c t" which is, you know, really not in any way helpful. So I ask some woman, who turns out not to speak English. Bloody brilliant.

Anyway, I wander 'pst mrkt & lt', looking for anything that could be this mysterious 't'. Nothing. Seriously. Nothing.

It's pissing it down and I lap the town about three times, getting leered at by various seedy-looking men (God, I love this town...*sigh*), til I finally see it, a sign pointing to the Uni up the road. I'm a bit fed up because I've walked past this street three times already, but never mind, I valiantly follow this sign. It appears to be leading me to Sainsbury's. Great.

Just as I'm about to give up, I see another sign, pointing to what resembles a block of flats. Surely, I think to myself, that can't be the University, can it?

Then I remember where I am. Yeah, it could be the university. I go closer to the building that resembles a block of flats.

It's a block of flats.

"RIGHT!" I go, angry now, scaring the middle-aged man with the pimp coat that's been staring at my tits for the past ten minutes. "RIGHT!" And I follow the sign, exactly. Through the block of flats.


I give up. Get on the bus and go home. Sigh.
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College has begun. And it's going to be a bloody busy year, too. Let's see - four AS levels, an Open Uni course, six hours tutoring work, writing for This Is Fake DIY and Neu!, trying to get somewhere with TMP, plus trying to have a social life...

I'm pencilling in the breakdown for March, k?

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Yeah, why not? Come in, make yourself at home, don't drip on the leather.

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